Authorized Repair and Warranty | A Wiring Man of Orange County

We're committed to providing customers with unsurpassed product support. Contact us with any product maintenance, repair, or warranty questions you may have. We are factory trained and certified to work on Generac products, even if you didn't purchase from us.



Contract with A Wiring Man to keep your investment ready to go and at peak backup power. We perform a 40 point maintenance routine to ensure that our customers home backup generators and business standby generators perform at their best. Contact us about maintenance.

A Wiring Man annual scheduled maintenance checks

  1. Battery Cables Checked
  2. Battery Cable Terminals Cleaned and Checked
  3. Battery Posts Cleaned and Checked
  4. Electrolyte Level Checked and Topped Off
  5. Charger Operation Checked
  6. Charger Float Voltage Checked and Recorded
  7. Battery Load Tested and Recorded
  8. Fan Belt Checked
  9. Radiator Hoses Checked
  10. Radiator condition (Internal and External) Checked
  11. Water Pump Checked
  12. Coolant Level Checked and Topped Off
  13. All Hose Clamps Tightened
  14. Oil Level, add if needed
  15. Oil Condition Checked
  16. Replace oil as needed
  17. Oil Filter
  18. Air Filter change as needed
  19. Spark plugs change as needed
  20. Plug wires checked
  21. PCV Valve checked
  22. Piping Checked
  23. Muffler Checked
  24. Insulation Check
  25. Fuel Lines Checked
  26. Fuel Solenoid Checked
  27. Fuel Level Checked and Recorded
  28. Electrical Connections Checked
  29. Mechanical Connections Checked
  30. AC Output Voltage Checked, Adjusted and Recorded
  31. AC Output Frequency Checked, Adjusted and Recorded
  32. AC Amps Recorded on Each Phase
  33. Engine Start Time Delay Checked
  34. Transfer to Emergency Source Checked
  35. Retransfer to Normal Source Checked
  36. Engine Cool Down Time Delay Checked
  37. Low Oil Pressure Shut Down Checked
  38. High Engine Temperature Shut Down Checked
  39. Over Crank Safety Checked
  40. Over Speed Safety Checked