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Mike L.

Huntington Beach, CA


Lawrence and his team are amazing. I found them on the Generac website. They are, by a very large margin the highest rated Generac dealer and Installer in the country. I happen to be a general contractor I know the difference between skilled craftsmen and a hired or subcontracted day worker. I can also tell when it's someone's first time working with a crew. You could tell that this team has worked together for years. I'm embarrassed to admit I'm hyper critical and not afraid to pull out a level to check someone's work. These guys do fantastic work. I was always able to get Lawrence on the phone and the rare occasion I got his voicemail I always got a call back within 24 hours. If you're in the market for a Generac generator you probably already know they are impossible to get. They are all on back order and it takes several months to receive the product. Not with Lawrence however, they had a unit in stock and we're ready to go. I've already referred two of my friends and family members and so far they have been enjoying the interaction with Lawrence as well. I'm deliberately writing this review on yelp rather than on the Generac website because he has so few reviews on here. It is definitely not an accurate representation of Lawrence and how long he's been doing this. He even had the ability to give our home power while the power was cut off during the install. We were able to keep the Wi-Fi on and continue working while they worked. I wouldn't change a thing. Very highly recommended.

M S.


We started this in May of 2019....took until December 2019 to get everything worked out & approved by the City. We were pairing a 22kw Generac generator with a simultaneous solar panel install (better and cheaper than a backup battery set-up, we discovered!). We wanted to do both at the same time to make sure they worked well in tandem.

Lawrence was very, very knowable about his products, how the installation would go, and because of the tax issues worked seamlessly with our solar installer. His pricing was very competitive, but best of all his crew did an excellent job on a tricky site installation.

They've just completed our (free) first oil change, and have answered several questions over this past year.

I highly recommend - they're not only good for the sale, but the long term performance...what more can you ask for?

Marsha B.

Whittier, CA


We've been considering getting a whole house generator for several years and finally bit the bullet and had Lawrence install it less than 3 weeks ago. He and his crew came out and got it done in a day. I have nothing but good to things to say about them. Today, we had our first post-install power outage and the generator is working seamlessly! So glad we had it installed and am very happy with Lawrence and A Wiring Man. Great service, great attitude, great job!

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Silverado Canyon

February 19, 2022

Hire this company!

Hire this company with complete confidence! I was impressed from our first phone call to installation day. Friendly, experienced and they did a very clean job. The process was smooth with no hiccups. Thank you so much!!!


Calimesa, CA

November 18, 2021

This dealer is the one you want.

Courteous, efficient, prompt, and professional. They really do get it done in a day. Perfect result.


Cerritos, CA

September 15, 2021

Best in So Cal

I never realized how complicated the installation was going to be. Lawrence and his crew are real experts and you really want an expert The crew arrived about 11:00 and began work, one man on the gas lines and another on the electric with lawrence supervising and working with each. No breaks, no lunch just work. They finished about 8:30 very friendly and they really know what they are doing. Have your wi-fi and password available, you will need it.


Fullerton, CA

August 15, 2020

Lawrence is Outstanding!!

Lawrence aka: "A Wiring Man" took over the maintenance of our Generac 22kv generator after the original installing vendor left us hanging. Our generator was installed a year back and was due for the break-in service to be performed. I left several text messages to the installing vendor. Since the voicemail was always full not allowing any voice messages to be left text was the only way to contact them. I also had an issue with the network connection not functioning. Again, this was a year old issue which the original installer kept telling me they would be out to take care of it ........ THEY NEVER SHOWED.

Here's what Lawrence did. My original contact with A Wiring Man was left on his WEB page, 15 minutes later his office manager called me. She set up a next day service which Lawrence serviced the generator and resolved the network issue all within 90 minutes. A Wiring Man is top end, friendly, honest, knowledgeable and fast! I won't be calling the orginal installer and I hope they won't be calling me.


Irvine, CA

June 8, 2019

Lawrence is the man!

I'm able to write this review with several years of perspective on Lawrence - I bought my home generator from him and more importantly have observed the high quality service that he has provided for years post-sale. All my interactions with him have been very professional. He did a great job on the installation. The generator has worked perfectly whenever I've needed it and the fittings and look of the install are really precise and clean. As importantly, he's done the recommended semi-annual service for me and is always responsive when I have questions. Highly recommend!!


Palos Verdes, CA

June 2, 2018

22kw Generator

Thank you for the superb job you did in installing our new “Generac” generator. You really came through for us in planning and installing this excellent machine. As I mentioned we have had our electricity go out three times in the last three weeks and the generator performed seamlessly as promised. I know that dealing with our city was more of a hassle then we both thought, but your experience and “can do” attitude enabled us to prevail.


Huntington Beach, CA

April 9, 2018

Superb upgraded 22kw System in Huntington Beach

My first Generac 11kW system was installed in 2001. In 2018 I decided it was time to update my whole house generation system to a much more efficient/powerful 22 kW system. Using the website I found the closest authorized installer in my area. I spoke with the owner who was extremely knowledgeable and forthright in what my options were regarding a system upgrade. Bottom line we scheduled a install and everything went off without a hitch. It took about eight hours to remove the old system and upgrade the service panel along with the transfer switch for the whole house generation system. The new 22 kW unit is the most popular whole house generation system that Generac manufactures. The entire system works seamlessly and is programmed for weekly five minute test running to make sure that everything is working properly. Additionally, on the side of the unit is a "system status" light. Normally when everything is in proper working order it stays green. If there's a problem it turns red. Unlike the much older side panel system, the new units now have a nice aluminum enclosure which opens up similar to something resembling a deck storage box. All of the controls and important information is right there on the top of the unit easy to reach, easy to read, and just a much nicer system ergonomics for the homeowner. Also it should be noted that the exhaust system is much quieter than the older models. Expect to change the oil and filter on the unit once a year. There is a 12 volt "car battery" that requires you to check fluid levels as well.

For those of you contemplating a whole house power generation system I highly recommend it. And for those of you that may have sensitive electronics installed in their houses you should know that this system provides very clean power to run the entire house without any issues.

Bottom line they came out did a site survey, showed me pictures from installations of assorted homes in the local area and really gave a great assessment of what my installation would look like when completed.

A Wiring Man did a top-notch job and I'm actually looking forward to the first power failure to see how the system works under real-world conditions. The peace of mind having whole house power generation just takes the worries about power failure and being off-line out of the equation.


Bellflower, CA

January 25, 2018

Very professional and effiecient

A Wiring Man did an amazing custom installation. I have a piece of mind knowing I have power 24/7. Thank you, A Wiring Man.


Dana Point

February 9, 2017

Good Job

Our Generac here at Blue lantern Inn has performed flawlessly. Have had multiple outages. Thank You A Wiring Man and your crew for a great installation. Couldn’t ask for a better team.


San Clemente, CA

October 21, 2016

Peace of mind!

I had a 22kw put in by A Wiring Man. A good job! I recommend them. I feel relieved for any elect/grid problems.


Encinitas, CA

June 1, 2016

Excellent A++ work - VERY PLEASED

Lawrence and Brian did a fantastic job in installing the generator. I couldn't have asked for a better company. They were professional, friendly and efficient. They cleaned up after the install and left the garage and outside spotless. They even patched the holes I had in the walls.

Lawrence walked through the operation of the generator and the mobile app. Brian relabeled the breakers so everything worked exactly like it did before they started the install. I am very pleased and highly recommend these guys! A Wiring Man is truly the BEST!


Laguna Niguel, CA

March 31, 2016

Knowledgeable and Quality Install

It's hard to find a contractor these days that doesn't try to take shortcuts to just get in& out. I am a very "particular" home owner and need things done the right way the first time. Awiringman did a solid job installing the 22Kw gen and came back to tidy things up very quickly when requested. I would recommend this installer.


Irvine, CA

December 23, 2015

Got my permit!

A Wiring Man installed my unit quickly and stayed involved after the installation to get a permit from my city.


Irvine, CA

December 21, 2015

Lawrence is outstanding!

Really a pleasure to work with. Timely, responsive, knowledgeable, nice. Installation was right on time and looks great - very clean hidden conduit work, the transfer switch looks like it was part of the house as built. A+.


Orange County, CA

November 11, 2013

First-Rate Operation

Highly recommended dealer. Lawrence and his team worked very hard to solve a difficult issue with my Guardian.


Menifee, CA

September 5, 2012

Fantastic service A Wiring Man

I called on 8/29/12, I had it installed, serviced, and tested on 9/04/12. This contractor rocks.


Anaheim, CA

April 16, 2012

Excellent Service, good price

Wiring Man bought our old generator and installed a new one. On April 7, 2012, we had power outage for 14-hours. Generator came on automatically. We did not know except slight noise of the generator made me check and call the Edison Company. Sure, power was out.

This Natural Gas Generator is an excellent emergency equipment. We have one at our office and homes of all three brothers. Would Recommend Wiring Man without hesitation.


Brea, CA

February 5, 2012

Redundant Generac Generator

We hired A Wiring Man for oil changes but quickly learn how bad our previous electrician had installed our unit inside our building. We are an international computer company and cannot afford any downtime. After talking with Lawrence he recommended a 2nd backup generator and mounted on our roof as the new primary and our old one as the secondary. Installation went perfectly with no downtime. We love the new remote monitoring display.


Brea, CA

November 25, 2011

Great customer service

Sent out a tech right away and fixed my generator in 20 min under the hour min they charge.